How to clean your silver jewelry?

How to clean your silver jewelry?

Silver is a noble material used in jewelry, which is oxidized with the contact of other substances or with the sulfur of the environment. There are several factors that make this oxidation become faster.

-The sweat of the skin

-The environment with high humidity

-Liquids containing sulfur or similar compounds


-Lotions, cologne or perfumes

-Chemical agents or special products

-The place where they are stored and the compounds that were used for the container

-A few medical treatments, which affect the sweat of the person


What can we do to preserve the brightness?

We always recommend that you use the silver pieces as much as possible.  The friction itself causes the pieces to be polished, avoiding oxidation. And if we wanted to save them, it would be best if it were in an airtight bag, so we will slow the process of the oxidation of the piece.


What to do when the piece is blackened (rusty)?

There are several ways to clean the silver, we will give you the most common and easy tips.

* Silver cleaning cloths: They contain some chemicals while you rub it removes the rust and the brightness returns to our jewel.

*Metal cleansers: There are several brands like Sidol. it is applied to the piece that we want to clean, it is left for a while and then with a little cloth and patience, rubbing until it recovers the shine.

If we still cannot clean our pieces, check if they are real sterling silver (925 ) or if they contain some protective varnish that has been spoiled.


silver cloth

cleaning silver cloth



At Timeless Handmade we have the cleaning service for your silver jewelry. Come with your silver jewel and we’ll leave it as new!


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