How to clean your silver jewelry?

How to clean your silver jewelry? Silver is a noble material used in jewelry, which is oxidized with the contact of other substances or with the sulfur of the environment. There are several factors that make this oxidation become faster. -The sweat of the skin -The environment with high humidity -Liquids containing sulfur or similar… Read More »

Cultured Pearls Care

Fine cultured pearls can last for generations. But, more than most gems, they do require gentle, loving care to maintain their singular beauty. Most pearls that we see in jewelry these days are cultured pearls. The unique look of these pearls is created by the nacre, a patina that is created by the clam or… Read More »

How to know the size of our wrist or finger number?

I will teach how to measure and know the measure of your wrist or finger number, to facilitate accurate length or number of your  finger, when buying a bracelet. We begin with the wrist, it will need the following: A ruler, pen or marker and a string that can be dialed. Then we will place… Read More »