How to clean your silver jewelry?

How to clean your silver jewelry? Silver is a noble material used in jewelry, which is oxidized with the contact of other substances or with the sulfur of the environment. There are several factors that make this oxidation become faster. -The sweat of the skin -The environment with high humidity -Liquids containing sulfur or similar… Read More »

Watch Repair Services

At Timeless Handmade we offer services as repairs and restoration of all kinds of watches. Either wrist watch or decorative. We have our own workshop. These are our services our shop in the market Encants Barcelona. Store Pickup & Delivery on our schedule : Mon – Wed -Fri – Sat from 9:30 to 20: 00hrs… Read More »

1st Anniversary Encants Barcelona

Very soon the Encants Barcelona celebrates our first anniversary at this new location and infrastructure.To celebrate it we have prepared many surprises! During the week from 22 to 27 September you can participate in various workshops, visit an exhibition of special effects, see how they recreate a character in Game of Thrones, and participate in… Read More »

Timeless Skull Rings

We have brought the new collection for this year 2014-2015 . A whole collection of differnt skull rings.   All totally handmade in 925 sterling silver. They are mad with so much detail, and the most realistic a possible. Do not miss our new collection and come to our shop to try them on.


Amber, or succino cárabe (Latin succinum) is a stone made of fossilized plant resin mainly from remains of conifers and some angiosperms. Etymologically, the name comes from the Arabic عنبر, amber, meaning whale, since this animal is removed ambergris. It is usually light brown. In German amber Bernstein called “hot stone” from the thirteenth century.… Read More »

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