1st Anniversary Encants Barcelona


Very soon the Encants Barcelona celebrates our first anniversary at this new location and infrastructure.To celebrate it we have prepared many surprises!

During the week from 22 to 27 September you can participate in various workshops, visit an exhibition of special effects, see how they recreate a character in Game of Thrones, and participate in body-paint photocall among others.


The big day will be  Saturday 27th September. There will be activities for all ages and tastes, from early morning until the market closes.
We will have live music, children’s entertainment, face-painting, games, concentration cars, Harley Davidson exhibition and many more surprises !!
And of course, most of our sites and stores will be open, because in the meantime you can buy what you want and indulge yourself!

Copia de DSC_0075

For a great day, a great celebration!
Come to the market and celebrate with us the 1st anniversary !!

PROGRAM: Week from 22 to 27 September:

From 11: 00h at 18: 00h

Workshops FX – Game of Thrones:

- Monday 09/22/14: Latex and its applications
- Fri 09/26/14: Airbrush Makeup

Exhibition special effects by Sputnik Creations (schedules are the same as those of the workshops).

Saturday 27 September:

- Live music from the 15: 00h to 16: 30h group Al-Andalus.
- Live music from 17: 00h to kas 19: 00h Band Puig Group.

Exposure Multipurpose Room; from 9: 19 to 00h: 00h exposure special effects by Sputnik Creations.
Animation clowns; from 10: 00h to 12: 00h.
Face painting of 11: 00h to 18: 00h in the street E.

Animation Workshop from 17: 00h to 19: 00h in the street E.
Play retro from 9: 19 to 00h: 00h, next to the Information Point.


- Seat 600; from 9: 15 to 00h: 00h, Meridiana located mountain side.
- Seat 800; from 15: 00h to 19: 00h, Meridiana located mountain side.
- American Cars; Muscle Cars, Chip Foose

Exposure electric cars

Exposure 4 bikes Harley Davidson Harley Davidson awarded in Day



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